Dr Brian Blick Has Created New Alternatives To Pain Pills


Chronic pain is a very difficult thing to live with. Many people have tried many different alternative methods of pain management, but they have yet to find one that works for them. This is why doctors are doing their best to find new ways of relieving chronic pain without using opioids like OxyContin.

How Do Pain Pills Work?

Pain pills work by blocking pain signals from the brain to your body. When you take a pain pill, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and travels to your central nervous system (CNS), which is the network of nerves that connects all parts of your body together. However there are some downsides:

• Pain pills can be addictive if taken over long periods of time; this means it’s easy for users who depend on them heavily or have been using them regularly for years before getting clean again find themselves struggling with withdrawals once they stop taking them regularly enough times per week/monthly etc…

Are There Side Effects To Pain Pills?

Pain pills can cause a number of side effects. The most common are:

• Addiction. Pain pills are highly addictive and should be used with caution, if at all.

• Nausea or vomiting. If you’re taking painkillers for a long period of time and no longer need them, your body will start rejecting them (which is why many doctors don’t want their patients taking opioids for more than two weeks).

What Are The Alternatives To Taking A Pain Pill?

• Physical therapy: Physical therapists can help you to learn how to use your body in a way that reduces pain, according to Dr Brian Blick. They will teach you stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as ways of moving around without putting too much pressure on your joints or muscles.

• Massage: Massage therapy is another option for people who are suffering from chronic pain. A trained professional will use massage techniques such as deep tissue or Swedish massage to ease tension in specific areas of the body, Dr Brian Blick which may help reduce overall discomfort and improve mobility by loosening up tight muscles and ligaments so they don’t pull on nearby nerves as much anymore (which causes more pain).