Relieve pain with the help of a qualified physical therapist like the Robert Stravinsky


With the experience and skills of Dr. Robert Stravinsky, you will be able to obtain an individual and effective physical therapy treatment. He is in charge of evaluating each patient to create a treatment plan that includes exercises and activities to reduce pain and increase mobility.
You can treat various injuries and conditions with exercise, heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice, massage, light, or laser therapy. He attended the College of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2015.
He then attended Boston University, where he graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree with a specialty in ambulatory orthopedics in 2019. During his time in Boston, Stravinsky completed a one-year fellowship at the Institute for Manual Therapy. Orthopedic, and on the other hand, he is an animal welfare activist and works hard with non-profit projects to help animals.
Relieve pain with the help of a qualified and dedicated physical therapist
Robert Stravinsky is a physical therapist with more than 5 years of experience who will provide you with professional healthcare service. Stravinsky understands how complex it can be to suffer from a physical injury and constant pain affecting the quality of life.
For this reason, he has taken it upon himself to learn about the latest medical practices in physical therapy to help his patients. Pain can weaken and keep him from doing his daily activities and tasks. If this is the case for him, Dr. Stravisnky advises him to consider physical therapy to improve his health and well-being.
Physical therapists are specialists who are highly trained to help you relieve pain. In addition, Robert Stravinsky claims that physical therapies can improve mobility and flexibility without surgery or medication.
They are responsible for developing an individual treatment regimen that may include stretching, exercise, and hands-on therapy and will instruct you on preventing pain. He will have complete advice with the right tools to alleviate your injury and avoid outbreaks of pain.
Robert Stravinsky is a trained physical therapist from Waltham, Massachusetts, who will talk to you about ergonomics, proper posture, and how to prevent future injuries. He recently returned to the South Shore, where his family is, and looks forward to continuing to help all patients with advanced practices.