Walter Morales – Funding Scholarships to Create Students to Improve Urban Education


The Urban Education Improvement Scholarship is a competitive scholarship aimed at high school juniors and seniors who plan to pursue post-secondary education in an urban-serving program. The awards are made possible because of founders like Walter Morales who want to invest in bright young minds ready to change their world.

This scholarship provides financial support for urban education improvement.This scholarship seeks to support the improvement of education in urban areas. Urban education improvement is a scholarship in which you can obtain various types of scholarships for your academic career.

Give students in urban schools the gift of a bright future with the help of the Scholarship for Urban Education Improvement. Families are chosen based on financial need, but students from all socioeconomic backgrounds may apply.

Improving the Quality of Education in an Urban Setting

In an effort to encourage excellence in urban education, this scholarship is designed for students working toward a degree or two-year certificate in a field related to urban education improvement.This scholarship for urban education improvement is awarded to those students who have a strong interest and commitment to improving teaching, learning and the overall environment of the school.

The mission of the Urban Education Scholarship program is to increase student achievement in urban schools through support of high-quality professional development that improves teachers’ content knowledge, instructional practice and leadership capacity.

The Urban Education Improvement Scholarship empowers students to expand their knowledge base, power and vision of a bright future. The scholarship will reward students with access to high quality, relevant courses and programs that contribute to future career opportunities.

The scholarship will provide full, in-state tuition and is merit-based.This scholarship is for students who are passionate about teaching and learning in urban public schools. Your experience working in an urban school may include one or more of the following: assisting a teacher, teaching basic skills to help students improve academic performance, tutoring other students on campus or after school, attending conferences and workshops on teaching strategies that work with inner city kids. Click here Walter Morales to get more information about Grant For Future Educators.